Twisted Toasters provide an unusual and unexpected unique 3D canvas. Some involve universal such as themes from childhood like Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz. Others are just plain “weird”. Guaranteed conversation piece!




This piece grew out of a fish looking corkscrew that longed to be transformed into a tail. The square shaped vintage toaster made a perfect body and the remaining pieces seemed to magically fit into the image of “Acapella”. Winging it with lights helped it take off in flight.




Vintage toaster with inner mica sheets removed creates a form for the Oz characters to reside. Small led lights provide the finishing touches as Glenda the good witch oversees her world.



Alice In Toaster Land


Can’t beat Alice in Wonderland when it comes to iconic characters. The challenge was how to use the toaster as a grounding force for the story to unfold. A homemade table for the tea party angled upward to give room for the party was the biggest challenge. You are sure to find your favorite character at this most unique party ever!



Toasted Barbie


This gal rocks and rolls amid this pop up toaster. With a bit of nostalgia you can sit back with a cup of tea and have a chuckle at her unique gymnastic movements!




No Place Like Home is set on a vintage close the door toaster oven. Barbie legs and Ken face add some fashion to the scene. One of a kind Oz figurines dot the landscape amid sparkly green backdrop.





We can find ourselves way out ahead or riding in the rear, either way this piece is symbolic of the experience of a our lifetime.  The checkerboard reminds us of our choices and the figurines represent the aging process.



Wizard of Oz #1


Some toasters are just plain cool and interesting and his one beats the rest. With the inner mica removed, room was created for the Oz characters to come and go when the two doors opened or closed. Two brushes add a backdrop to the talking apple tree looking down as they make their journey to Oz. Push the button and listen to the iconic conversation that happens when Toto pulls the curtain back.