A Collection of Re-purposed art work that has found a home, a place to reside; entertaining all who happen to pass it's way.


Contents under pressure


Ever wonder how exactly The Hulk got his strength and endurance? So did we, until we found this scale model of his lab Strengthalizer in an abandoned college basement. Amazing as it was that we found this, it was even more incredible that it still worked when plugged in. We sure were glad that there was a working knife switch to turn him off when we plugged it in as he almost blew the walls off the cage shortly afterwards.

Wonder if there are any more of these out there?


WWII Survival Kit


In WWII it was important to listen to what the allied or enemy forces were doing, light the way for other’s to find you and measure the atmosphere for mustard gas. This survival unit was the premiere in it’s day as it also was outfitted with a variac voltage unit. A must have for any well equipped home during a siege.


The Guardian


Long, long ago in an ancient land, tribes depended on totems and Gods to protect them and guide them. The Guardian is one of those ancient totems saved off an old sailing ship from the 19th Century in a land that is now lost and forgotten. The Guardian sees, knows and protects all in her vision.



My interpretation of what a fun guy Groucho was. Always there with folly, mirth, sarcasm and a quick wit, Groucho is the life of the party.


Atlantic City


In 1952 Bally made four hand painted ‘Table Top’ pinball machines…none with side flippers. This is one of the four made with Atlantic City as a background. Each in the series was restored, new instructional graphics were created, bumpers were restored, side springs & NOS caps and covers were found. We then wired it with alternating LED’s and capped it all off with 38mm glass balls from China. To see it live is to know, you ‘hit the jackpot!’


Come Where the Lillies Bloom


Come Where the Lilies Bloom when you sit in this musical chair lit up by an Edison Light Bulb surrounded by 19th century music.


See No Evil


This was one of my first pieces that was inspired by items found in nature, yet the doll hears and see's no evil….as animals in nature do. I am proud of the collection this peice ended up in.


Hemingway & Thomas Display Cabinet


I have been in the piano business for most of my life doing any and everything one can with a piano. This 1870’s English piano was given to me and it had such great lines, yet was a ‘birdcage’ piano (worthless), a display cabinet was what it now wanted to be. Once it was made, showing off all the great lines and design, I gave it to fellow sculptures Michael Wilson & Susan Spencer as a gift to display their great art work.


Radar Light


In the early atomic age of the 40’s/50’s a somewhat secretive company out of New Mexico created these Radar Lights to be ‘home detection units’ for UFO’s and rogue Atomic Particles. Whether they worked or not, they were che’ coolio!


Mrs. Berliner's Tea PartY


Mrs. Berliner was quite famous for her tea parties. It was the rage to be at her 'have to be invited' affair in 19th Century Victorian England. She handmade all of the doilies and butterflies herself, put out her best silver set amongst her vintage Edwardian furniture, which was so in vogue.

This rare diorama was commissioned by her friends to commemorate and applaud her tireless efforts at always having the best tea parties around while being the most elegantly dressed dame of fashion in her day.


Riding The Light Rail


This was built as a 72nd birthday gift to a close friend. The parts were from his train set in the 40’s he played with as a kid, with the cargo train carrying his lost marbles he has been trying find since the 60’s. He never found them.


What is Money?


What is the worth of money? Do people ‘see’ it in micro or macro? There are hundreds of ways it is viewed on any given day by so many different perspectives. Rare that we see the same things, especially around currency….but then if you have blue, hazel, green or brown eyes money still would be viewed differently, thus...What is Money?


The Lovers


Lovers are by nature sensual, pure, ecstatic, curious, shy, passionate and old love is romantic when seen from afar. The mere essence of love does yield juicy, sparkling, magical moments as this sculpture captures.



Eddy Piano


What better way to display large format wine in a wine marketing office, showing off your musical and artistic tastes than a mid 19th century piano carcass. It also responds to gentle or hard stroking depending on the lookers mood. This sculpture is large and heavy, especially when mounted 5' up on a wall....but it makes a statement musically none-the-less.



Ricco's Resume


My friend Ricco is who I want by my side if there is world chaos. He can do about anything and this piece was inspired by all of the various interests and trivial data he has locked away….he inspires me by the breadth of his knowledge and ability, thus I created this for him honoring his wisdom and depth.





Film, music, sound, lights, action! Clarousel incorporates many of the entertainment world’s tools….all blending together to wow us while lighting the way.



InterstEllar Brassiere


In the Atomic Age in deep space, an Interstellar Space Cruiser was exploring a new planet when they came across an abandoned settlement. In the living quarters of one of the alien homes the crew found what looked like holographic pictures of the alien couple who had lived there. In one photo was the female wearing her undergarments and this actual brassiere was found in the room and brought back. The design was so revolutionary that New York undergarment designers took this unusual rare piece and replicated it for all the Hollywood 1940's and 50's black and white Sci-Fi movies. Quite a rare find indeed!