Nikola Tesla (July 1856- January 1943) was born in Serbia and was the inventor of AC (Alternating Current Electricity), the X-Ray, the electric motor, fluorescent and neon light bulbs, the vacuum tube, the radio, radar, hydro-electric plants, transistors, directed energy, radio astronomy, remote control, wireless communication and free energy (people shut it down so they could make a profit). It is amazing that one of the greatest geniuses of all time died broke and alone in a NY Hotel Room!

Tesla Man is a sculpture created to honor Nikola Tesla and help raise awareness of this great inventor. The sculpture took two years to create.


Tesla Man is an interactive sculpture honoring Nikola Tesla. Most all the parts are from his era 1880-1940. He has a Tesla Coil for a head, 1917 Violet Wand, Plasma Globe, LED's...all are interactive. Some of his components include a WWI prosthetic arm from the Balkans, an 18th century jewelry case protecting the spark gap, 1890’s Knob & Tube insulators, European gentleman’s clothing from the 1880’s, 1890’s pipe organ pipes, 1886 German piano cabinet, early 20th century knife switches and much more.


Tesla Man In Action



Body Components:

Tesla Man

Working Analogue Tesla Coil for a head (hand built in the body cavity)
1960’s Plasma Globe (Ac Current)
1917 Ultra-Violet Ray Machine
LED’s (DC Current)
WWI Prosthetic Arm from Eastern Europe
1890’s Knob and Tube Insulators
Early 19th Century French Jewelry Box
1960’s Italian Beatle Boots
1950's 7500 Volt Transformer
African Gazelle and Italian Antelope Leather
Handmade 1880’s Vintage European Gentleman’s Coat
Vintage Riding Chaps
1920’s Player Piano Brass Tempo Indicator
1929 German Medal- ‘Nude Man in Broken Chains’
Pedestal Workstation
1890’s Pipe Organ Pipes
1876 German Upright Piano Sides
1950’s Jewel Light Covers
1900-1920 Knife Switches